Kentucky River Waterfront Farm for Sale in Estill County on Old Landing Road near Irvine, KY

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Property Lines - Kentucky Farm Land for Sale - Aerial View Looking West to North West - Printable Version.

farm land for sale on kentucky river
Printable Photo of Property Lines
Kentucky Farm Land for Sale

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The Kentucky River (in this photo) runs from South - South West (left)
to North - North East (right). The river makes many "S" and hairpin turns.

Southwest is in the lower left corner.
Northeast is in the lower right corner. Dah!

The farm is very open to the south and gets plentyof sun
all day long. The house site is set back from the the access
road providing plenty of peace and privacy.

Rest assured that the farm is not in some proverbial dark
hollow in the pines, where the sun never shines.

Satellite Views of Property Lines of Kentucky Farm Land for Sale - - Click on Photos

kentucky river farm land sale satellite photo kentucky farms land sale property lines satellite photo large area

Very High Satellite View of Property Lines and Surrounding Area - Kentucky Farm Land for Sale - - Click on Photo

kentucky riverfront property sale river farm land sale waterfront
Commonwealth of Kentucky Satellite Map of
Kentucky Farm for Sale

Kentucky River Waterfront Farm Land for Sale: Riverfront on Old Landing Road in Estill County Kentucky